Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Blog Post in December and 2014

Almost a New Year 2015!
I would like to know just where did this month of December go? Never mind the the whole year of 2014. It still seems like just yesterday I was living it up in the happening town of Lewes, De. for Bloggerpalooza II. I've been off work these last two weeks of December, on vacation. And I thought I really could have blogged a lot more often this month. but it just didn't work out that way. I have been around, just not online that much. But that is going to be one of my many New Years resolutions I have, is to blog post more than once a month. And to read and comment on fellow blogger's posts. I just had one little bit of drama last week before Christmas. I had decided to get a little bit out of my comfort zone, and go and give small gifts to guys I know but don't chat with that much. It was just bottles of the sparkling grape juice the stores sell at this time of the year. This one acquaintance of mine, Gary I gave bottle of wine to. We talked for about an hour or so. I tried to reach  out to him, but made it quite clear that he didn't what nothing to do with me. He did thank me for my gift, But his job of selling puts him in the public eye. And he knows a lot of people, I guess it wouldn't look right to be seen with someone like me. And were heading in opposite directions. I'm going to be more open and out there this new year, and he's staying very private along with his one friend Gary told me about. From what I gathered his close friend Adam is so far in the back of the closet they both can see Narnia, lol. I'm quite sure nobody in town here will read my blog post and say anything so I'll post Gary's photo. Maybe one of you will leave a comment say that yes, you can do better Randy.
A friend from 10 years ago.
Well it just turned January 2015 a few minutes ago. I'll have a special 2015 version of throwback Thursday then. I hope this year is just as good or better than 2014. I'm sure for the next 20-30 days when I have to write the date out I'll still put down '14!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thursday Throwback

Welcome, this is my version of the Throwback Thursday. I know I'm a little bit late out of the gate. But my schedule is shifted about 6 hours from most people. And with working overtime makes it worse.  I usually start my day around 10:00am. And am getting off late. The powers that be think by everyone working overtime now before Christmas and New Years, (which I'm taking off by the way). We'll all pitch in and play proactive catch-up. Now back to the topic. I found the above pic a while back and thought it was humorous, a good place to use it. I also have another photo of me taken from why back in July 1986. And not even in this country, but on the continent of Asia. I was in the USAF and stationed in South Korea. One hot and very sticky day (aren't they always) in July. I don't remember the exact date, eight of us from my unit got a tour of the DMZ, De-Militarized Zone. We could take any pictures we wanted while up there just as long as the camera was pointed north. This is a photo of me with my old Kodak 110 Instamatic of SSgt Randy H. when I was 27 yrs. Haha! About half the age I am now.
Pic of me with North Korea in the back ground July 86.
With the beret I'm wearing I wasn't USAF police unit but a relatively new career field. They gave us a fancy title. But basically Air Force liaison to the US Army. Some might notice my uniform doesn't have any unit patches. We were told to wear a shirt with all of them removed so the other side, the DPRK army couldn't tell with units we were with. That's all I have now, but I'll have much more post for December. I have a great one planned for Thursday Jan 1,The last two weeks of this month I took off from work and will have more time do blog posts! 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Back to work come Monday

Back to work come Monday.
I can't believe that it's the end of November so soon. The only thing that went by more quickly was my vacation. For the past nine days I took off from work. But they gave us Thursday and Friday thrown in as holidays. And speaking of Thanksgiving my family and i are still eating up all the leftovers. Right down to turkey sandwiches and finally turkey soup, yummy. 
I'm still stuffed from Thursday, like my cat friend here!
I really didn't do anything or go anywhere, because like I said in last post. I had a small problem with the car's front wheels. And I was hoofing for about 2.5 days. After I got it out of the service center I had no cash to do much. Now it's almost Monday and the beginning of December. Monday sometimes are like the scene in this illustration above. Or I could be just a little overly dramatic.  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Procrastination Saturday II

Randy lost a wheel!
A lesson on not putting things off for too long. I procrastinated in having my car serviced, it was making a rumbling noise in the front. Sometimes a clunk on a bump.  Well last weekend evening I was driving home after     supper with the parents. I was making a right hand turn and the right front wheel fell off. The ball joint had broken and tire laying under the fender. It also pulled the right drive shaft out of the transmission. A few days later after having it towed to my auto repair place. I got it back one day before turkey day. Being out in the middle of bum-f#*k Nebraska the garage had to order the parts from Omaha, about 1.5 hours west of me. Well with my wallet a little over $1000.00 lighter I'm on the road again. If I had caught it earlier it might have been only about half that. Oh well I'm back driving my thunderbolt grease slapper again. lol.
Stinky mess in my basement!

Procrastination Saturday

Sorry, I'm busy procrastinating
I guess that I haven't done a blog post for a while Almost two months have gone by since the last one! The time sure seems to be whizzing by, I'm good at doing a few things but the best is procrastination. The longer I let something go the easier it is to say to myself I'll get around to it sooner or later. Or I really do not have anything that interesting to say. I also think it might be a character flaw like being forgetful. But like I said before, it's hard to believe that December is almost here and soon Christmas and a new year!
First snow of November about 3 inches worth.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Start of a New Week

I couldn't let this Sunday go by without sharing this little gem. I do find the most interesting, funny, or down right stupid stuff sometimes on the interwebs. But this one gave me a bit of a chuckle.  Those of us that aren't independently wealthy, retired or have a sugar daddy and have to go back to a job tomorrow. This about sums it up don't?
Look out Tomorrow's Monday!

October Sky

Mid October Nebraska Sky
I can not believe it's mid October already! But I have to say it's an improvement thou be it small one from the past summer. When I was in a bit of a blue funk, a black dog as my blogger buddy Ron T. calls it. I've been working more sane hours at work. No more 50 hours plus, at least for now. The first 2 weekends I've been going to auctions and getting quite a few goodies, at least I think so. About 15 years ago I got into collecting postwar II  TV sets, it started with one and now I have seven more. 
Just some my haul from an auction
I do have a habit of bring home what some people would call junk. I prefer to think of as Junque.The weather these past few weeks has been perfect as anyone would want. Dry and pleasant and temps in the mid 60s. I took a photo up into the trees outside my front door Saturday. The sky was mostly clear and the leaves are already falling. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday on Friday

MY Red Suzuki with the Lower Slower Delaware Sticker
Yes, That's what I said, I'm afraid I didn't have time to do a blog post this morning before I went to work. Had some running around to do, did my workout and had lunch, then off to work. I was trying to do my post after I got off work. But a power outage delayed me for a little while. I thought it quite strange the power almost never goes out here, unless we have a storm. All clear and calm tonight. When I did get my computer booted up and logged on was writing a blog post. Blogger kept deleting every thing when ever I tried to post a third photo.  I guess I need to learn more about the ways of blogger, but sometimes it's really frustrating. So I'll start over, but by now it's Friday hence Throwback Thursday on Friday. Back in July I washed my red Suzuki and thought why not take a picture with the LSD sticker on the back window. Then a week later the A/C went out at work for a few days. This picture was taken in the office. I think it was a little hotter out in the shop. Our machines do not like the heat, and neither do I.
Work Office Temp Mid-afternoon 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thoughts for September Part 2

Randy out showing the world his manliness!
Well I was thinking before, (uh-oh that's kinda dangerous) where did the summer go? It seemed like just yesterday that it was the first week of July. I also noticed on the title of my very last post I inadvertently miss spelled the word thought. A lot has happened over my summer. But like I said before, my days have been mostly, eat, sleep, work, repeat. I have been able to get out and enjoy the fine weather (when it hasn't been hot and humid) we've been having here in the Midwest.   Past summers during the day before work, I would either be out cycling or walking around different parts of town. I'll go and advertise the fact I like to walk and keep myself fit. And I'm looking for someone who like the same thing. This winter when it's too cold, like they're saying it's going to be. I hope to put on my Speedos, the ones I wore to the Old Time Photo for the bathtub shoot. And use the indoor pool at our Aquatic Center. Any way here's a pic of me before I headed out for a three mile walk-a-bout I did some time last week. Also one other thing or two I spent 15 minutes trying to put this photo at the bottom of my post but it will only load at the top, must play with Blogger some more I guess. And I didn't want any one of you fine Bloggers and friends to think I was a snob. But I haven't figured out how to list your blogs that I follow on the right side of my page like so many others of you do. Just the other dozen or so things I need to work on. Keep calm and blog on! 

Thoughs for September

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Good,The Bad,and the Ugly

Yeah, that would be the adjectives that would best describe this past week. Since Monday (June30) I must have put over 600 miles on my little red Suzuki car. The week before I got with blogger Robert over at the "Middle Ages" in Iowa. And that Monday we had a little bloggerfest in his hometown if Ames, IA. Which for me is a 220 mile trip one way. I arrived about 12 noon, and we met for lunch at BBQ place called Hickory Park. They have very yummy food, and even at noon on a Monday the place was packed. Robert informed me the crowds are even worse during school on the weekends! After lunch he insisted he pay for our meal even though he didn't have to, again Thank You Robert! Afterwards we hopped in his car and went on a tour of the college town of Ames. There wasn't much we could do outside because that part of Iowa was in two thunderstorm warnings maybe later on a flash flood warning. Because of the weather we just did a lot of drivebys of the ISU campus, city parks or two and were my new friend Robert works you know all the cool sites. :-) Unfortunately Robert's partner Matt wasn't able to join us because of work, I keep forgetting that it was a weekday and some people have to work. Well our time ended all too soon, my friend told me he had to be some where at 5:00 so we wrapped it up. He took me back to my car that we left at the BBQ place. I did bring my camera, but with all the running around town I didn't think to take any photos. And I should have got one of us before we headed our separate ways. Oh well, maybe next time. I told Robert if he's ever in Omaha be sure to give me a shout and we can do a meet up again. I hope he can bring his other half along. The way Robert talk about him, Matt seems like a really nice guy! Well that was the GOOD part of my past week.                                                                 Now for the BAD. A co-worker had asked me a while back if I could drive him to his doctor's appointment Wed.(July2)in Omaha. His brother would do it but couldn't because he was out of town. So I told my friend Dave I would be more than happy to do a buddy a favor. The only problem is Omaha is 85 miles away, and we had to leave at 4:00am. I got up at 3:30am or in military terms 0'dark 30 to get ready and over to Dave's house by 4:00. I just had one small problem, my normal wake-up time wasn't until 5 more hours. I think I did get about 4 hours sleep. Now before I go any further, I've had about a 20 year history with Dave, mostly at work. I've slowly tried to be his friend, but he's very hard person to get to know. He's a very private guy, and doesn't want anybody knowing any of his business, what he does, were he goes. It's only in the past couple of years he's opened more up to me. So I wanted to help him out to prove I could be his friend and trust me. Although if he knew I was blogging about him he'd be p!$$ed. The reason for the trip to the doctor's trip to Omaha, was to repair some problems in his foot. The past 20 years of hiking and biking wore his feet out. This guy would put more miles on his bicycle in a week than I would on my car in a month. I always heard that one should not be friends with an adrenaline junky, which I think my friend is. Any way his operation was for 7:00 and with post-op and recovery be sprung by 11:00. Just one more problem, on the way out the doors of the medical facility one of his incisions started to bleed out. Back to recovery for him, where the PA and nurse re-dress his foot, I'm no expert but it looked like he only bleed out 30-50cc of blood. But better there than in the back of car. By the time we did get out of the hospital it was lunch time. Dave wanted to stop at a Greek place in Omaha called King Kong gyros and burgers. We just had sandwiches both of them were about the size of a 45 RPM record! Not the place to eat unless your very hungry. With all the running around we did, turning his pain med prescriptions in, filling my car with gas (6.5 gal x $3.50), picking up meds. I got him home around 4:30pm, by then the nerve block was starting to wear off. Since then my poor friend has been laid up on the floor with his foot up in pain. :-(  That was the bad part.                     Now for the UGLY; While my friend and co-worker was getting his foot worked on, on, I did  some looking online the week prior and found the address of a guy I met online about 5 years ago. Mike and I  chatted for a little, talked on the phone.  Finally had a chance to meet for lunch one Saturday a few days before Thanksgiving. I thought we hit it off good. That was in the winter of 2009/10, very cold and 8-12 inches of snow about every 2 weeks. Well in Aug.-Sept. 2011 things started to get a little weird. I would call no answer, email, nothing. One time I went to were he worked, he acted strange and had a strange look in his eyes. I've seen that look before, like he was saying " your a good guy....but" A week later I sent him an email his reply was I don't want see or talk to you any more good-bye.  I went to Mike's house Wednesday morning (July2) about 8:00am. When he first saw me I think his reaction was one of shock, I don't think he wasn't happy to see me. He asked how did you find were he lived? I asked if I could come in? Of course he said NO! I have to get ready for work. I told him sorry to bother him, have a nice day. All in all the conversation lasted about 30 seconds. I at least hoped we could talk for 5 mins or so. His birthday was this past weekend so I wanted to wish him Happy birthday. I knocked on his door 3 more times after he shut it in my face. So I left him a note on the windshield of his car. "Sorry to bother you. Don't worry I won't come around again. Have a nice life. RAH" It went down about like I thought. Here is a pic my friend Mike. One of the last times we went out to eat.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Time for am update

My Computer for some time now has told me it's time to update my op system. Things won't work correctly, we will not support, etc. etc. So to day I'm taking my good ol' Dell to my computer guru to install much needed improvements. I should just go out and buy a new computer. Goodness knows with all the overtime I've been working (50 hours +) I can afford it! I suppose I could still use my tablet for post, but it's kind of klunky to use for blogger. I my be back online in a day or two.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ready For A Weekend!

As some of you know, I was told I'm working 10 hours day for this month and maybe next month also. So I need a weekend to decompress! So after a night of working late. I got up early to do house chores. Like laundry, replace the storm doors, both front and back and went to an auction. I didn't buy much, nothing really there I wanted. If any one was wondering if you heard about the wicked storms that passed thru eastern NE last Tuesday. Not to worry, we made it out in one piece. No hail or tornadoes,just 2.5 to 3 inches of rain and 50+ MPH wind. People to the north and eastof me not so lucky. Towns 60mi. east of me received golf ball to tennis ball size hail. I heard a car lot with 4500 cars windows broken out to the tune of $15,000,000. I'm thinking of going into the window screen business. Anyway work is driving me crazy, good news is I don't have very far to go! I just leave you with this final thought, earlier I was reading Dr Spo's blog And I found a quote for him and everyone else. Another psych funny.

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Pic A Month in May?

I know that a lot of bloggers are doing a-pic-a-day-in-May. It seems all I can do in one picture in May. seeing how my last blog post was 3 almost 4 weeks ago. I guess the best I can describe is I've been in a blue funk for the past 6-7 weeks. As Ron (Retired in Delaware) would say my black dog is back. I've just a lack of energy and not really interested in doing anything. Work has been more of a downer these past few weeks. I've been given what we used to call in the military a s#!t detail, and it's going to be mine for the next 14 months at least. The powers that be won't hire and train someone else to do it, and since I used to have that position ( 10 years ago) it's mine again. I would really like to go back to school and train for something better. but with working 10 hour days M-F and 6 hours on Sat. It doesn't leave much time for classes, studying and more importantly sleep. I'm thinking time management will have to be my main goal. But I'm just now starting to adjust my mental state and things are turning around. A friend and I from work have a out of town expectation Saturday to the big city of Lexington,NE, it's a Ham radio flea market, and it's being held at the military museum. Maybe if I ask real nice they will let me drive their M-715 jeep pick-up truck. When I was overseas 30 years ago I drove one, at the time I hated it. The vehicle has no power steering, no power brakes, driving the thing was physically and mentally exhausting. So tomorrow should be fun. I've got lots to say just need to get around to it. Also for my last pic in May, I found a couple of comics I thought were funny. Could someone give Dr. Spo a heads up? I think they're just up his alley if he hasn't seen them. More when I return! Randy.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Randy Before And After

I know this is not a new idea and it's not original coming from me. But it's my blog's Sunday selfie. The only difference is I have a photo of a before and after. The two selfie pic are week apart, before Easter and the Monday following. I went and did a clear cut of the goatee beard and got another buzz cut. I always get a buzz about every 6-8 weeks. I always let the stache grow back with maybe an occasional trim. Which one looks best ( that's a loaded question), Randy on the left or on the right?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Guardian Angel

Last week or at least before the end of April, I wanted to do an end of April post. I know I haven't been paying must attention to my blog. The last post was about a month ago. Right after I got back for Richmond/Lewes, I went back to work and lots of overtime. And I guess I was a little bummed/down about have to leave all my new friends I met on the east coast. Many things have happened that I could blog about, and I will just in reverse order of them occurring. So this is the first blog post in May for me. Now with that rant out of the way, why the title my Guardian Angel? Well I'll tell ya, ever since the weather has started getting warmer I've been going out in the mornings for 2-3 mile walks. I'll mix it up a bit and walk west. Or north and then west along Hwy 30 that runs east and west thru town. Friday morning I had to go to the bank and across the highway to Walgreens. I was at the end of the crosswalk waiting for the light to turn green for me to cross. There also was a car waiting to turn right, I would cross her path. And she was waiting for the traffic to clear so she could go. I looked right at the driver and was sure she knew I was there and what I intended to do. The traffic light DID turn green for me and started into the cross walk. Then a pick-up truck pulling a trailer full of metel scrap blew thru the red light with in feet in front of me, didn't even slow down! I guess he didn't think that red light applied to him, I don't think he even bothered to look for me standing there! That's when I think some force, my Guardian Angel grabbed my shirt collar to keep me from stepping in front of a$$hole's truck. Heaven forbid I should slow him down and waste his valuable time. I don't know, maybe I saved that young lady waiting to turn into traffic headache of getting into a fender bender with mister leadfoot. Anyway do Guardian Angels exist? I'm sure I have one maybe two, I've been helped out several times over the past of my nearly 55 years. There's is no scientfic evidence of course, some one could say that it just wasn't my time yet. I live another day to see one more sunset. So what do you think blogger buddies? The next post may be one to ponder, but not quite so heavy.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blogger Haul

Well earlier this week I received a care package from Jay in VA. Well not really a care package just a box of all the stuff I could not fit in my luggage. The USPS must be really slow, because Jay said he mailed it on 3-26 and I got tue or wed. this past week. Everthing made it OK. The Inn @ Canal SQ. robe I purchased upon checking out my bottle of yummy real maple syrup that Ron's friend Pat brought down from Canada for all us bloggers, THANK YOU Pat! A small jar of Slugmama's homemade relish, again yummy! My beer glass from Burley Oak in Berlin,MD And let's not forget my brite red Cha Cha heels. I would have tried them for the photo but my feet are too big or the shoes are too small. I'm afraid I don't do heels anyway. Heres the picture of me with all my goodies.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Diversions

Well it hardly seems that 2 weeks ago the big Bloggerpalooza was over. Everyone had said their good-byes and headed home. Jay and I where close to Richmond late in the afternoon Sunday the 16 March. When I finally took off from VA on Tuesday 3-18 the ice and snow that hit that Sunday night wasn't finished yet by Tuesday morn. My Flight was 2 hours late taking off which put me into my connector airport late, so I missed my flight to Omaha. But not to worry, I was re-scheduled on a plane 2.5 hours later. Instead of arriving home at 12:30 I got in at 4:30. Everyone along the way was very nice and helpful.              Well over these past 2 weeks I've settled back into my old work routine. But I haven't forgot all the many friends I've made the few days in Lewes,DE. I have to say Ron sure knows how to pick them, the days I mean, the weather was almost perfect that weekend, just like he said. Today here on the great plains we had perfect weather, it got up to 77F and a good time to be outdoors. So what did I do? This morning I went to an auction indoors, a lot of high end furniture. Nothing I needed or wanted to spend any money on. So why my subject title Sunday Diversion? I wasn't going to stay but I saw this bit of distraction standing around, needless to say I wasn't in any hurry to leave. Good thing I carry my camera more, got a few shots of my (prey) subject.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Post II

I'm Still not sure what I'm doing wrong and far as trying to post a 2nd or subsequent picture post. I don't know if it's me or my computer. But for another photo I'll insert a break and select pic, but come up blank. So I'll just do another post until I find what I'm doing wrong. Any way the real question I did have was. I found this on the back of a local SUV, and wasn't sure what to make of it. Anyone have thoughts? My qustions are, What am I doing wrong in trying to insert more than 2 photos in one post? And what does anyone make of this rainbow peace sign sticker? The problem with inserting photos is a simple answer, I just bet it is!

Sunday Selfie

Who is this handsome devil?
Well I thought it was my turn to do a Sunday selfie. I took a quick candid photo after just stepping out of the shower. So I'd all clean and fresh, so here is my first selfie post.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Friends, that's what is nice to have! Or as in the case here blogger friends. It's hard to believe that just one week ago the fun was begining last Saturday night. There sure was no shortage of pictures taken, so many that I lost track. I'm still going through all of mine on my camera, copying them on the computer, nameing them, cropping and re-sizing files to fit etc. Any way back to making friends, The first person I met on my adventure this past week. Was Jay in VA after landing in Richmond. Then Sluggy at the E. lodge Thursday, and the thrill of meeting the the chief instigator of Bloggerpalooza II Ron, from Retired in Delaware. The past couple of days seems to be just a blur, and a happy one at that! Friday I ran into Anne Marie as I was getting off the elevator at the inn. I don't know what she thought of me. I saw this woman with bright red hair. First words out of my mouth, hey! I know you! And I intro myself; I'm Randy from Nebraska, Every meeting I felt was an instant connection. Which proves that saying, There are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet. As Dr. Spo is liken to say I laughed, I cried, it was better than cats. lol.  And to the other friends I made there in Delaware here's hoping for a bloggerpalooza III. where it's going to be I think is still up in the air. Now if you'll excuse me I have a few hundred photos to pour though.                                             Randy in NEB.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's about Time.

Yes it is about time, for a lot of things. I was talking to Ron at Retired in Delaware. Mostly about the up coming event known as Bloggerpalooza. And how much fun was had last year and with a few new people coming including yours truely. It should be a real hoot and a half. But it was also mentioned to me that it's been awhile since I created a post on my blog. So it's too about time also for me to do that. But with overtime at work and the cold weather on the wind swept plains, there never seemed a good time to do so. And I didn't think there was anything new and exciting to say. A couple of weeks ago one of my tires on the little run-about was losing air all the time, and but the time I took it to our Goodyear shop thay said the tire was shot. Having to order a new over the weekend and run around on the donut spare.

Donut spare on the red thunderbolt Grease Slapper
 I've also been busy watching my friend Tom and his wife Marsha cat while their on vacation in Puerto Vallarta. The funny thing is they left around the same time Dr. Spo returned home from his trip there. But I'm sure my friends are staying in a condo further north up the beach in PV. I've always wanted to check out Key West myself. I even had a chanch to about 25 years ago, saddens me that I didn't. I'm thinking though that Lewes,DE and Bloggerpalooza will be the next best thing. Leaving you with one last final thought. Randy.
Having trouble down loading photo, Caption reads...                        KEEP CALM AND CONTINUE BLOGGING. Rand in NEB.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

OM Gosh everybody! Do you realize it's one month until the big blogger fest in Lewes,DE. That's 30 days or 720 hours until friends from all over, but mostly the east coast gather in the big little state of Delaware. Ron - Retired in Delaware says about 20 folks are going to show, and a few new ones. I was hopeing to meet everyone who showed up last year. Any ways I went and got my plane ticket online after I was sure I was going to get a tax refund. I booked my flights on Delta, they were the cheapest and flew the hours most convenent. I looked in to American and US Air. But with their merger I wasn't too sure I'd get there to VA or not. And at one point a coach seat was $2000.00 + 0_0 I haven't flown since 1996 so I hope it isn't as bad as riding the bus cross country. Can't be worse than travelling space A in the Air Force. To close this post out, I did see some tantalizing hotness at work tonight, I think it was a supervisor for the building clean up crew. Sorry no pictures.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Is it February aready?

Wow ! I can't believe it's February already. Less than 40 days until the big Lewes,DE Bloggerpalooza in March. It seeems like yesterday it was 240 days before the big day gets here. I just hope that Ron, Retired in Delaware remember to order the nice weather he's famous for at his events. On a personal note, the boss asked me to help in a different dept. He said I could do the job because I proven myself to be verstile. 0_o  I didn't even thought he knew. I should have told to just keep my private life out of this, and let me just do my job! I'm kinding of course. The big thing I need to do this week is look into getting my taxes done to see if I can afford this trip. Every time I look air fares keep going up and up. I guess March is a big travel time, with spring break and all. I'm very sure it's going to happen. See you all March 13. Randy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sixty Days until Bloggerpalooza 2014!

Well January is about half way done I went back to work last week after a loong deserved break for Christmas and New Years. Work is what work is last year, getting paid by the hour and older by the minute. Because of all that lesure time over the holidays I get tossed into a mess first day back. I'm the jack of all trades I guess. The boss needed work done in a part of the plant which is rather noisy wet and oilly. The only nice thing that happened was there was some overtime to be had. When I got off work Tue or Wed after 12mid. it was snowing. I snapped a few photos down the middle of our mainstreet. The temp. warmed up from a low last weekend of -3F to overnight of 22F We're having a regular heat wave here on the great frozen plains. lol. It could be worse, I have relations in ND and MN. Overnight lows were around -30F (not windchill)! Here's hoping to see all of you in March. Still looking for cheap air fare, was told by a travel agent. That's time for spring break so lots of college kids going home or some place warm at the same time. I told Jay in VA I'm still plan on coming, but don't want to spend all my tax refund on a ticket in coach. I don't really want to drive, it's about 1400 miles one way to Delaware from here! Anyway hope you all think my photos are neat. Counting down the days. Randy.
Looking West in 13th Street

Back Door temp -3 Brrrrr

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's Finally 2014

Well the year that was 2013 is gone and Happy 2014! Here in Nebraska January starts the the way it always does, snow and single digit temps. But that's life on the frozen great plains. Some of the windows on my house are all frosted up and I can't see out. With a new year means to some new years resolutions. In 2014 I've resolved to spend more money, lay around more, and eat more ice cream and pasteries, lol! not really. There's too much to get ready for. I've started planning for my trip to the magical land called Delmarva and Bloggerpalooza 2014. It's now about 70 days away, and very soon it will be in less than one week. I hope it's warmer this March we still have 2 more months of winter. Here's a screen shot I grabbed from Intellicast web site early this morning. More to come.