Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday on Friday

MY Red Suzuki with the Lower Slower Delaware Sticker
Yes, That's what I said, I'm afraid I didn't have time to do a blog post this morning before I went to work. Had some running around to do, did my workout and had lunch, then off to work. I was trying to do my post after I got off work. But a power outage delayed me for a little while. I thought it quite strange the power almost never goes out here, unless we have a storm. All clear and calm tonight. When I did get my computer booted up and logged on was writing a blog post. Blogger kept deleting every thing when ever I tried to post a third photo.  I guess I need to learn more about the ways of blogger, but sometimes it's really frustrating. So I'll start over, but by now it's Friday hence Throwback Thursday on Friday. Back in July I washed my red Suzuki and thought why not take a picture with the LSD sticker on the back window. Then a week later the A/C went out at work for a few days. This picture was taken in the office. I think it was a little hotter out in the shop. Our machines do not like the heat, and neither do I.
Work Office Temp Mid-afternoon 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thoughts for September Part 2

Randy out showing the world his manliness!
Well I was thinking before, (uh-oh that's kinda dangerous) where did the summer go? It seemed like just yesterday that it was the first week of July. I also noticed on the title of my very last post I inadvertently miss spelled the word thought. A lot has happened over my summer. But like I said before, my days have been mostly, eat, sleep, work, repeat. I have been able to get out and enjoy the fine weather (when it hasn't been hot and humid) we've been having here in the Midwest.   Past summers during the day before work, I would either be out cycling or walking around different parts of town. I'll go and advertise the fact I like to walk and keep myself fit. And I'm looking for someone who like the same thing. This winter when it's too cold, like they're saying it's going to be. I hope to put on my Speedos, the ones I wore to the Old Time Photo for the bathtub shoot. And use the indoor pool at our Aquatic Center. Any way here's a pic of me before I headed out for a three mile walk-a-bout I did some time last week. Also one other thing or two I spent 15 minutes trying to put this photo at the bottom of my post but it will only load at the top, must play with Blogger some more I guess. And I didn't want any one of you fine Bloggers and friends to think I was a snob. But I haven't figured out how to list your blogs that I follow on the right side of my page like so many others of you do. Just the other dozen or so things I need to work on. Keep calm and blog on! 

Thoughs for September