Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Happy birthday US Air Force

Am I too late to post a Throwback Thursday Blog post? I wanted to do this before I went to work, but ran out of time. Oh well better late than never and it's still Thursday for a few more minutes here in the central plains. I did think about do this yesterday, even before I checked Ron's blog (Retired in Delaware). He had his very witty and insightful post, just like always. I've almost always check my friends other blogs. And I'm sorry I'm not around more or left a comment on everyone else's blog. I'm just still trying to lift myself out of my blue funk I've been in for most of the summer. Starting this week at least for a short time, I'm off the overtime. No more working into the early morning or work on Saturdays. The normal 40 hours and done by 10:30pm.  Providence has also been good to me twice so far this week. Yesterday nice bit of eye candy stops by building from one of our warehouses to drop some material off. Just generally a real hottie and calves like a Hungarian shot putter! I didn't have a name to go with the body and the face. But today at work on our bulletin board was pictures of everyone on the company's safety teams. He was there so now I have a name to go with the  face Justin.  And tonight when I was going out to eat supper, I saw one of the town's shirtless cowboys walking back to his truck after stopping for gas. You know the kind a cross between Alan Jackson, (if you don't know him just google it) and brick wall. Also do you all know that today September 18 is the US Air Force's birthday! In 1947 the USAF branched off from the US army. And on it's 30th birthday and one week later I went into the Air Force and had my BMT at Lackland AFB,TX. I couldn't wait to get out of there! Any way to tie this whole blog post together. Here is a photo of me out on town pass at the Ft. Sam Houston. One of the guys in the group of us took my pic with one of the cannons. As near as I can remember this photo of me was taken November 1977. Hope you all enjoy a good chuckle.
Airman Basic Randy


  1. I think the caption should read "basic randy airman"! tee hee! :)

    you need a hottie in your life. wonder if justin bats for your team?

    thanks for posting, dear! smooches!

    1. AM, Why thank you for the comment and smooches. As for the hottie I spotted at work, no I don't think he does. And besides that he's at least 15 years younger than me. What would he do with an old man, who's in his mind is 25yrs. Glad you stopped by!

  2. Randy.
    It is too late to post your Throwback Thursday blog. Take it down.


    1. OK Ron, When you commented there you forgot to turn off the Sarc. filter on your computer. :-)


    That's why I don't do too many TBTs. People would laugh at me!

    Peace <3