Friday, May 30, 2014

A Pic A Month in May?

I know that a lot of bloggers are doing a-pic-a-day-in-May. It seems all I can do in one picture in May. seeing how my last blog post was 3 almost 4 weeks ago. I guess the best I can describe is I've been in a blue funk for the past 6-7 weeks. As Ron (Retired in Delaware) would say my black dog is back. I've just a lack of energy and not really interested in doing anything. Work has been more of a downer these past few weeks. I've been given what we used to call in the military a s#!t detail, and it's going to be mine for the next 14 months at least. The powers that be won't hire and train someone else to do it, and since I used to have that position ( 10 years ago) it's mine again. I would really like to go back to school and train for something better. but with working 10 hour days M-F and 6 hours on Sat. It doesn't leave much time for classes, studying and more importantly sleep. I'm thinking time management will have to be my main goal. But I'm just now starting to adjust my mental state and things are turning around. A friend and I from work have a out of town expectation Saturday to the big city of Lexington,NE, it's a Ham radio flea market, and it's being held at the military museum. Maybe if I ask real nice they will let me drive their M-715 jeep pick-up truck. When I was overseas 30 years ago I drove one, at the time I hated it. The vehicle has no power steering, no power brakes, driving the thing was physically and mentally exhausting. So tomorrow should be fun. I've got lots to say just need to get around to it. Also for my last pic in May, I found a couple of comics I thought were funny. Could someone give Dr. Spo a heads up? I think they're just up his alley if he hasn't seen them. More when I return! Randy.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Randy Before And After

I know this is not a new idea and it's not original coming from me. But it's my blog's Sunday selfie. The only difference is I have a photo of a before and after. The two selfie pic are week apart, before Easter and the Monday following. I went and did a clear cut of the goatee beard and got another buzz cut. I always get a buzz about every 6-8 weeks. I always let the stache grow back with maybe an occasional trim. Which one looks best ( that's a loaded question), Randy on the left or on the right?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Guardian Angel

Last week or at least before the end of April, I wanted to do an end of April post. I know I haven't been paying must attention to my blog. The last post was about a month ago. Right after I got back for Richmond/Lewes, I went back to work and lots of overtime. And I guess I was a little bummed/down about have to leave all my new friends I met on the east coast. Many things have happened that I could blog about, and I will just in reverse order of them occurring. So this is the first blog post in May for me. Now with that rant out of the way, why the title my Guardian Angel? Well I'll tell ya, ever since the weather has started getting warmer I've been going out in the mornings for 2-3 mile walks. I'll mix it up a bit and walk west. Or north and then west along Hwy 30 that runs east and west thru town. Friday morning I had to go to the bank and across the highway to Walgreens. I was at the end of the crosswalk waiting for the light to turn green for me to cross. There also was a car waiting to turn right, I would cross her path. And she was waiting for the traffic to clear so she could go. I looked right at the driver and was sure she knew I was there and what I intended to do. The traffic light DID turn green for me and started into the cross walk. Then a pick-up truck pulling a trailer full of metel scrap blew thru the red light with in feet in front of me, didn't even slow down! I guess he didn't think that red light applied to him, I don't think he even bothered to look for me standing there! That's when I think some force, my Guardian Angel grabbed my shirt collar to keep me from stepping in front of a$$hole's truck. Heaven forbid I should slow him down and waste his valuable time. I don't know, maybe I saved that young lady waiting to turn into traffic headache of getting into a fender bender with mister leadfoot. Anyway do Guardian Angels exist? I'm sure I have one maybe two, I've been helped out several times over the past of my nearly 55 years. There's is no scientfic evidence of course, some one could say that it just wasn't my time yet. I live another day to see one more sunset. So what do you think blogger buddies? The next post may be one to ponder, but not quite so heavy.