Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Who is this handsome devil?
Well I thought it was my turn to do a Sunday selfie. I took a quick candid photo after just stepping out of the shower. So I'd all clean and fresh, so here is my first selfie post.


  1. let's see...dat you, santy claus?

    and why are you wearing clothes in the shower?

    1. Well Hello AM, Ho ho ho it sure still feels like the North Pole here in my part of the country,17F when I awoke this morning @ 9:00am. OK maybe I skipped some steps. After I got done being hosed, down then I dried off and put on some clothes. I could have wore my chothes in the shower take care of 2 things at once. lol. Have a good week! Randy.

  2. Randy,
    Well, I do have to say that is a very nice selfie!