Sunday, June 28, 2015

First Blog Post For June

Fez Restaurant & Bar, Phoenix,AZ
Hi! Yes I know June is almost over, but this is a 1st post in June. I've been sandbagging it something badly ever since I returned from visiting Spo and Someone in Arizona. I think it stems from my mild post vacation repression. And returning to work, going back to working ten hour+ days. I didn't feel much like blogging or much of anything else. I'm still here just not so much online.                                                             I wanted to say a lot of things this last 20 days, and never quite got around to doing it. I'd put off blogging and the longer I'd put it off the easier it got to do so. Summer is already here and this weekend it's gotten up 85f ! Not quite the 107f that it was in Phoenix. When I was down there a month ago. I really enjoyed my time with Michael & David my gracious and handsome hosts. I want to thank them for letting me stay with them for a few days I was in town. I do hope I wasn't too much of a trying house guest. I know it can be a lot of work having people over, even if it's just for a few days.
     My Two Hosts With The Most Michael & David  Thank You!            My First night in town we stopped at nice little bar - restaurant called Fez it's on Portland just off N. Central Ave. And was treated to dinner because it was my birthday the day before. I was informed that a cool front pasted thru Phoenix and the highs have only been in the mid nineties. That's why we had the chance to dine Al fresco also little to no wind.

Second Day in AZ- Day Trip Up To Sedona.                                                           Well this next week coming up is thankfully going to be a short week. With the July 4th holiday next weekend, my work gives us 2 & 3 July off. So still a four day weekend but there is still Monday looming some where out there to deal with. I wanted to take the whole week off but my boss said no dice, I'm needed at work. Oh well it's nice to be needed I guess.