Saturday, February 1, 2014

Is it February aready?

Wow ! I can't believe it's February already. Less than 40 days until the big Lewes,DE Bloggerpalooza in March. It seeems like yesterday it was 240 days before the big day gets here. I just hope that Ron, Retired in Delaware remember to order the nice weather he's famous for at his events. On a personal note, the boss asked me to help in a different dept. He said I could do the job because I proven myself to be verstile. 0_o  I didn't even thought he knew. I should have told to just keep my private life out of this, and let me just do my job! I'm kinding of course. The big thing I need to do this week is look into getting my taxes done to see if I can afford this trip. Every time I look air fares keep going up and up. I guess March is a big travel time, with spring break and all. I'm very sure it's going to happen. See you all March 13. Randy.


  1. getting closer; it will be nice to meet some new friends! :)

  2. Randy,
    Will your "versatility" be on display at the Bloggerpalooza? And of course I continue to GUARANTEE PERFECT WEATHER for the Bloggerpalooza.