Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Blog post 2016

Hello 2017 and Goodbye 2016, Even though it just turned 12 Midnight here CST. Blog time is still a couple of hours behind, so I still get a last post in for 2016. The fireworks are going off right now as I type on my keyboard. With the new year, the talk returns new resolutions and ways to improve one's life. I always say I do more of this or less of that. My main thing that bothers me is I wish to do more with my blog and post more than every couple of weeks or months. I started out in the middle of 2016 saying I'm going to blog every week, nope didn't happen for very long. My big problem is my ADD will kick in and I'll get distracted and find an excuse to blow it off. With 2016 almost done and tomorrow 2017 I find myself older and hopefully wiser
Peace and Love for my friends in 2017!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

End Of October

I've been getting it without being asked.
This is my end of October brain puke, things I observed these past weeks. One of the things going on that I've noticed. And I'm a bit ambivalent about it. That when I go out to eat out because it's easier with me working more overtime. I've been getting my 10 % senior  discount at eateries around town. And most of the time without being asked if I wanted it.  The age 55 seems to be the threshold to get it. But really I don't think of myself as an old man, in my head, I'm somewhere in my mid-30s according to that real age test I took. But WTH 10 % still means some coin in my pocket right? I know once a guy gets past fifty things don't work like they use to, oh they still work. It just takes longer to get everything moving in the same direction.
HAHA right!
Anyway, I haven't heard any more from my friend Dave W. I'm sure he's busy getting everything together at his new home. I'll have to see what if anything more will happen. Until then I plan to move on.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

October Surprise(s)

Arkansas Critter
                                                                                                                                                    So yeah, It's been a while since I did a blog post. About a month ago is more like it. I always seem to have things in my life that get in the way of things I want to do. The beginning of the month of October I helped my friend Dave W. from work with moving. I drove his truck down to where he retired to in Arkansas, he left earlier in the morning with a U-haul. This is the same Dave W. that I had a bit of a man crush on for quite a long time. He was a very difficult guy to get to know. He doesn't open easily and is a very private man. It took me about 5 years to even get invited into his house. After he retired I didn't tell him how I feel about him. I don't think he's that interested in guys the way I am. 

Dave says he has many women he knows around the country and goes on bike rides with. And in his new home in Arkansas, he has a neighbor lady he said friended on F/B.                                       
            Dave W. Just Friends, Not Partners 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mini Blog Post

I had intended to do a post on Saturday seeing how obviously I didn't blog on Friday. My buddy Dave this past week texted me asking if I would help him by driving a moving truck. Was going to leave Friday, Sept. 30 and Come back sometime Sunday afternoon late. Might be a good time to talk with him and scope things out before I tell him how I feel about him. If I don't think he would be interested I'm not going to do something stupid and come out to him. And maybe make him pissed enough to cause me trouble.                            BUT, one big thing is bothering me and I don't know what to do or how I can help. But my little sister, the one that moved to Brazil three years ago. Tonight Beth (my Sister) got into a traffic accident in her "girlfriend's" car. And now she told sis to GTFO now, all because of said girlfriend car is totaled. Earlier tonight on F/B I learned about all these misfortunes. Say's she wasn't wearing a seatbelt and hit her her on the windshield. And might have a concussion, she was throwing up and has double vision. The damn bitch she's living with wants her out ASAP and won't drive her to the hospital. There's no one else around to take her, they don't have 911 or ambulances like we have in the states. Hell, I'm not really sure if the medical clinics in Brazil are even able to handle this type of injury. I just pray she's not in a coma or worse by morning. I was even planning to fly down to Brazil next Winter, Summer in the north. I can't even fly down there, I didn't get a passport yet. I should try and hurry that process up to help Sis get back. But by the time a get a passport Beth will be back home and OK I hope. I feel so helpless not being able to be there for her. Later this morning  hope it's better news.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

I'm Still Searching

Now Easier With Digital Photography

Now I'm a very optimistic person, I'm positive that my love life sucks!!! I keep hoping that someday I'll be proven wrong, but that day hasn't come yet. Some people say the glass is half full. Some say it's half empty. I say "put some ice in it". What am I ranting about? Just like the last guy Tom G. I was trying to scope out and figure which way he swung. I was spending more time with my friend from work, the one that just retired, Dave W. He was telling me the people he met where he's moving to 600 + miles away in a southern state. His decorator, how nice she looks in her lacy tops and very tight jeans. He said she really gets him going. He's got a lady friend in Florida he's going to spend a couple of weeks with next month. And his next door neighbor lady, some one about Dave's age. Spending a lot of time and doing activities together, etc. So no I don't think Dave's looking for a quote-unquote guy friend. And in the past, he's said a few homophobic comments. I still thought I might tell him how I feel about him. If he reacts negatively we both can part ways and move on. If on the other hand, it's positive, as in thanks but no thanks but we still can be good friends. I'll keep in touch and maybe visit him in his retirement. If it goes bad or really bad I un-friend him on F/B and block him, just so he doesn't bother me or other F/B friends. So that's two out of three guys I've been, for lack of a better term chasing after. It might make me appear as a satyr. ;-) But hey I've got to have a backup plan if  the first one or second one or maybe even the third one don't work out. The third guy, I haven't seen him around much lately. But I've made friends with a guy name Roy. We both seem to have a lot in common and have plenty to talk about when we do get together. Like Ron (Retired in Delaware) said before. It might be a guy that hasn't even come on the scene yet, you never know.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Start Of A New Week.

When I was younger, my weekend routine.
I wanted to do a least once a week post on Friday or Saturday to keep myself motivated. Didn't quite happen this time. We were suppose to have a 3 day weekend,  I worked Friday to get my total hours over forty. The Labor day holiday only paid me 8 hours and my workdays are normally ten hours, so by the end of the week, I'd be 2 hours short of a full forty.  Long story short I worked 8 hours this past Friday. Needless to say, I didn't make it Saturday either with a post. Decided to spend most of the day running around Omaha to a couple of flea markets. Today I spent a quiet Sunday observing the 15th anniversary of 9-11. And took my parents out to Sunday dinner.                            I was thinking how strange it's going to be going back to work on Monday. This past Friday was my good friend Dave W's last day at work, he retired after 37 years. I'm quite happy for him that he was able to retire as soon as he wanted. But I am sadden I won't see and talk to him every day like I used to.  On some level I think he likes me, I just don't know if he has the same feelings for me as I do for him. I noticed that whenever he sees me he has a smile comes to his face. I hope to find out for sure how he might feel about me by the end of the year. Even though Dave stopped working, he's still  going to be around town for a few more weeks before moving to his new house he had built down south, some 600 miles away. So if he does become a BFF, it's going to be a long distance relationship. He told me he might be back to visit his family for Thanksgiving, I urged him to swing by and see me then. If it hasn't happened by then, I wanted to tell him I how I really feel about him. With any luck, it will turn out for the best.    Now for a bit of irony, one of the small quirks of living in a small town. People will interact with one another that have no idea that they both know someone that you know. ( does that make sense?) Case in point, I found out the realtor that sold my friend Dave's house in town here is someone that I have a history with. I mentioned Gary before, Gary and I were seeing each other for a while. Then his friends and neighbors were asking who I was, how do we know each other?  It kind of freaked him out, and it was difficult to explain how we knew each other. Sooooo... he said to stop coming by, his friends and business associates might shun him, homophobic small midwestern town and all. I'm trying to break out and be myself, to a point. I have to limit myself here as well. But Gary wants to stay well into the closet. But if you talk to him in person you pretty quickly figure him out, I did! That's my rant of comings and goings on in a small town this post.
Missing My Friend Dave Already.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Remember September

I Like To Think I Make A Difference.
So what do I mean by my blog title? Besides being an obscure line from an old Miss Marple movie. The month has always been a turbulent 30 days for me. (But let's not forget the WTC in 9-11-2001!) Well for one the last two relationships ended in September. The first one, Gary said people were starting to wonder who's car was always parked in his driveway evenings. And he couldn't easily explain why I was a new friend without going into detail about how we were seeing each other. He works in an office job selling real estate, so he has to network and schmooze. The guy is so far in the closet he can see Narnia, so he ended it. And the second BF lived in Omaha and had two kids when he was married The ex and his kids all lived out of town. Then one day in the middle of September Mike told me he didn't want to see me anymore and not call or email. I found out (through sources), he moved to Tulsa to be with his oldest. I went with Mike for about 20 months, the weird thing is at first we really hit it off. I guess I should have seen it coming, on our first date at the restaurant. He was making comments about all the cute waiters and not wanting to know about me.
                   Me And Mike In Happier Times.                        Now I have a guy I work with in the same building, different department that's retiring this month. I've known him for over 20 years, but he hasn't let me get close to him except within the last 5 years or so. I get the vibe that he likes me, but maybe not on the same level, I do.  Like I said before I didn't want to say how I felt when we still worked together. If he didn't feel the same way things could get very awkward very quickly. So I wait until he's out of the shop. I'm still going over in my head how to approach the subject. I really do like him as a friend and wouldn't want to lose that. I had conversations where he talks about ladies he thinks are cute. Although I've made the same remarks about attractive women. But like I said before, "I like women, I just don't sleep with them." I've also heard him make homophobic remarks about music artists. Is this one of those cases of homophobia being the best gaydar? When the time is right and lots of time to talk, I'm going to let Dave know that I have a big man-crush on him. If that bit of info makes him mad, then F#CK HIM!  But if everything goes great he has a p-u truck he might sell, if we become BFFs I want a memento that belonged to him to remember him by. I'll only offer to buy it after I found out if we play on the same team. Should be an interesting month!   

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekly Brain Puke

Goals For The Rest Of The Year!
Again I realized I haven't blog posted for over a month. And I want to fix that, So I endeavor to post once a week about different subjects. I'll most likely do it on Friday or Saturday. And maybe even more often. Last week I wanted to do one but got kind of busy. My town holds a 4-day festival called Columbus Day ending on the 3rd weekend in August. It's a lot of silly, fun contests with music bands playing Friday and Saturday. And lots of different food, the big thing being the BBQ stands, Mmmmmm! And on Sunday we have your typical small town parade. Which goes right past my house, many family members, and friends take a spot on my front lawn to watch. So yeah I was a little bit busy last weekend. Mowing my grass, cleaning weeds from the sidewalk and edging said walk.
Front walk before and after

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pet Peeves Brain Puke

                                                                                                                                                 It doesn't seem like it but the last time I posted was back on May 1. It's not that I didn't want to, I have a serious personality flaw. Life, work, family, local problems overload my mind. So when I get home I just want to chill and veg. Other times I feel the muse is not upon me. But lucky for me I work the overnight shift at work and haven't followed the news or prime time TV for 20+ years. Now for my pet peeves, earlier this year when I was scoping a guy out to try and see it I could be more than just friends. Maybe something more B-BF/partner??? He now has himself a GF and we haven't crossed paths once. For once I glad I didn't seriously through myself out there. Could get kind of messy being in a small town, were him and I know the same people. I have two others guys I'd like to know better but hesitate from doing so. One right now is just an acquaintance, I'll call him Roy K. I see him around town from time to time. He always has a smile for me when we pass on the street. I'm just not sure about him, but he looks nice in sleeveless T-shirt and tight blue jeans! The other guy I've had a thing for about 20 years, his name is Dave W. We work for the same company I do, just in a different department. I see him almost every day and only in the last 5 years have gotten to be closer friends with him. I'd like to let him know how I feel about him, but if it went bad it would be very uncomfortable at work indeed. Good news is he is retiring at the end of this year and moving away, or is that bad news. If he wants to be more than just good friends, he'll be 500 miles away, he's retiring down south. :-(              

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hello There!

Hello bug says Hi!
Sorry guys and gals, I didn't realize it had been since Nov. 2015 that I entered a blog post. And I don't know if anyone is still following anything I have to say! I guess at first this past Fall I got really busy at work. Then more time went by and I thought I'll get around to a post sometime later. Then the holidays came and went, and it got easier to put it off. I'm the oldest in my family and everything that needs to be done falls on my shoulders. This past Fall and Winter I was sort of bummed out that I still don't have a special some to share my life with. Oh I have a lot of friends, just not a pal to be close with. But I'm working on it! And I might have a few prospects that I'm working on. ;-)     
When it gets as bad as this cartoon I let you know! The good news is it's starting to warm up here in the Great Midwest. I can put myself out there by getting on my bike, put on my spandex bike kit and all. Or go for a 3 to 5 mile walk-a bout town wearing my cut-offs.

Just going out for a three mile walk.