Sunday, September 6, 2015

Good-Bye Jay In VA

Silent Key
I believe that we don't meet anybody by accident. And everyone crosses our path of a reason. I met Jay online through Ron's blog retired in Delaware. After reading Jay in VA for awhile, blog post subjects would be about Amateur (HAM) radio. And I ask him if he was a ham, he said that he was. That got me corresponding more with Jay because I'm a ham as well. Before I go any further I should explain. In ham radio circles a silent key is any ham radio operator who has past on. Whether said person know Morse code or not. It's a carry over from amateur radio from 100 years ago, I hope that clears that up.                                             Early last year Ron organizing Bloggerpalooza 2, I was going to go. Jay ask me if I wanted to tag a long. Save me the trouble of renting a car and driving unfamiliar streets and highways. I told him I've driven the big city before, I've been to Chicago, LA and Toronto. But hey then I wouldn't have a engaging tour guide. I received the royal treatment as soon as I got off  the plane at Richmond. Saw some sights and met another blogger, Kelly at the Continental for an early supper and a few adult beverages. The next day Thursday (3-13-14) We drove to Lewes, DE, and on the way up stopped a place he wanted to try out. The Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin, MD.  Jay wanted to get a photo of himself from out front so he gave me his camera and I took this picture.
Jay in VA in front of Burley Oak Brewery Berlin,MD March 13 2014
I think we all had a grand time in Delaware, and I told everyone that I've never been to Delaware before. But all too soon we all had to part ways. Jay had to be back at work Monday. We got back to Richmond after dark the Sunday. Jay asked if I wanted to try Legends Brew Pub. If I remember it's in Shockoe area of town.
Good food and good friends out of a bite and adult drinks
I could not believe how quickly that week went by, I just got there and already time to head back to Nebraska. But Monday morning an ice storm had moved into the area. The roads were becoming difficult to drive to say the least. Jay still had to head to work though be it 2 hours later. I had planned to spend a night in a motel near the airport and fly out Tuesday. I got a cheaper flight that way. Even with a extra night's stay in Richmond. And it was just as well because of the storm Monday most flights out of Richmond were cancelled. Even on Tuesday I was delayed getting out and back home to Omaha.   
You don't know what fun is until you have to clean the ice off windows of your car!
This was the last picture I took of our friend Jay. After we got going Jay and I were headed to prospective destinations. He was going to drop me off at the airport Marriott then Jay was going to work which as luck would have it was less than a mile from the airport. Jay let me out at the front doors of my hotel. Before we parted ways he gave me a big ol' man hug! Today was the celebration and memorial of our friend Jay or some knew him as Trey's life. It saddens me that I couldn't make it. He had a lot of ham buddies there I'm sure, when we get together stories of past QSO's ( ham radio  Q-code, communications via radio or in person) start flying. Our friend Jay aka N4PAT will be very much missed. ;-(