Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Blog post 2016

Hello 2017 and Goodbye 2016, Even though it just turned 12 Midnight here CST. Blog time is still a couple of hours behind, so I still get a last post in for 2016. The fireworks are going off right now as I type on my keyboard. With the new year, the talk returns new resolutions and ways to improve one's life. I always say I do more of this or less of that. My main thing that bothers me is I wish to do more with my blog and post more than every couple of weeks or months. I started out in the middle of 2016 saying I'm going to blog every week, nope didn't happen for very long. My big problem is my ADD will kick in and I'll get distracted and find an excuse to blow it off. With 2016 almost done and tomorrow 2017 I find myself older and hopefully wiser
Peace and Love for my friends in 2017!