Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sixty Days until Bloggerpalooza 2014!

Well January is about half way done I went back to work last week after a loong deserved break for Christmas and New Years. Work is what work is last year, getting paid by the hour and older by the minute. Because of all that lesure time over the holidays I get tossed into a mess first day back. I'm the jack of all trades I guess. The boss needed work done in a part of the plant which is rather noisy wet and oilly. The only nice thing that happened was there was some overtime to be had. When I got off work Tue or Wed after 12mid. it was snowing. I snapped a few photos down the middle of our mainstreet. The temp. warmed up from a low last weekend of -3F to overnight of 22F We're having a regular heat wave here on the great frozen plains. lol. It could be worse, I have relations in ND and MN. Overnight lows were around -30F (not windchill)! Here's hoping to see all of you in March. Still looking for cheap air fare, was told by a travel agent. That's time for spring break so lots of college kids going home or some place warm at the same time. I told Jay in VA I'm still plan on coming, but don't want to spend all my tax refund on a ticket in coach. I don't really want to drive, it's about 1400 miles one way to Delaware from here! Anyway hope you all think my photos are neat. Counting down the days. Randy.
Looking West in 13th Street

Back Door temp -3 Brrrrr

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's Finally 2014

Well the year that was 2013 is gone and Happy 2014! Here in Nebraska January starts the the way it always does, snow and single digit temps. But that's life on the frozen great plains. Some of the windows on my house are all frosted up and I can't see out. With a new year means to some new years resolutions. In 2014 I've resolved to spend more money, lay around more, and eat more ice cream and pasteries, lol! not really. There's too much to get ready for. I've started planning for my trip to the magical land called Delmarva and Bloggerpalooza 2014. It's now about 70 days away, and very soon it will be in less than one week. I hope it's warmer this March we still have 2 more months of winter. Here's a screen shot I grabbed from Intellicast web site early this morning. More to come.