Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well thats one friend I never made

I was going post a story about a excursion I took a few Saturdays ago to eastern Iowa. With a friend from work to check out an open house for a husband and wife artists friends of his. Or how I was going to show me attempt to make some holiday treats for family and friends. But instead something happened this past Sunday that has me a little bummed out. For quite some time I've been trying to get the attention of a certain someone, and am not sure the best way to do it. Our two lifes don't cross that often, but I found they would be in certain places almost every day and time each week. So I made sure to be there as well. And me being over cautious and this being a small town, I guess I started to be a little bit too obvious. The last time I saw them they were more than flustered and now I'm afraid I won't get to know them better. I left the store we were at thinking well I guess I F#*ked that one up! And I now fell like I'm back at square one as far as meeting someone new. I'm sorry I can't be more open as far as were, what, and names. I'm not ready to open up more yet. I thought maybe some other blogger would have some sage advice. I think I already know, I'll just more on and let it go. They are just not into me. Well that's enough drama for one post. Normally I'm very much drama free. And to my blgger buddy Ron- Retired in Delaware I found the larger font key!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well the month we call November is just about over and I thought I'd better add an other post. My problem is I have a lot to say just not in text. I have some adventure to share so I'll save them for next week. I have all the week off of Thanksgiving! yaaaah. Here in the Midwest the weather can change almost over night to prove that I thought I'd show everyone pictures of my house. it's not nearly as bad as the picture show, let's just say that Wedensday it was 62F and Thursday it was 26F. Happy blogging, I've got more old 110 prints from 30 years ago to scan.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Some Fun Things About ME!

Well it's been a while since my last post and like I said I'm still feeling this whole blogging thing out!        
 In not any special order                                                                                                                               10. I lived in Hawai'i for two years. LOVED IT!                                                                                      9 .  I lived in Western Washington State (Sea-Tac area) of three years loved that even more some how.     8.   I like rainy days, maybe that's why I liked Washington state.                                                                  7.   I like sunny days too, just don;t let it get too warm out.                                                                         6.   I tried surfing and snow skiing. Liked them both but froze my finger and toes skiing!                             5.   I love to explore new places and things, a new city or food. I'm also a sucker for going though caves.   4.   Like to bowl or go golfing, but not good at either one! I just need to switch my golf and bowling scores. 3.   OK I'll admit it I still like disco, I have KC and the Sunshine band records.                                           2.   My level of maturity is dependent on who (whom) I'm with.                                                                   1.   I don't have a "type" I'm attracted to some time it's all about chemistry and shared experiences.               Just one more thing, if I'm with my one or maybe many friends I try to make it all about them!                     Randy in NEB.