Friday, December 5, 2014

Thursday Throwback

Welcome, this is my version of the Throwback Thursday. I know I'm a little bit late out of the gate. But my schedule is shifted about 6 hours from most people. And with working overtime makes it worse.  I usually start my day around 10:00am. And am getting off late. The powers that be think by everyone working overtime now before Christmas and New Years, (which I'm taking off by the way). We'll all pitch in and play proactive catch-up. Now back to the topic. I found the above pic a while back and thought it was humorous, a good place to use it. I also have another photo of me taken from why back in July 1986. And not even in this country, but on the continent of Asia. I was in the USAF and stationed in South Korea. One hot and very sticky day (aren't they always) in July. I don't remember the exact date, eight of us from my unit got a tour of the DMZ, De-Militarized Zone. We could take any pictures we wanted while up there just as long as the camera was pointed north. This is a photo of me with my old Kodak 110 Instamatic of SSgt Randy H. when I was 27 yrs. Haha! About half the age I am now.
Pic of me with North Korea in the back ground July 86.
With the beret I'm wearing I wasn't USAF police unit but a relatively new career field. They gave us a fancy title. But basically Air Force liaison to the US Army. Some might notice my uniform doesn't have any unit patches. We were told to wear a shirt with all of them removed so the other side, the DPRK army couldn't tell with units we were with. That's all I have now, but I'll have much more post for December. I have a great one planned for Thursday Jan 1,The last two weeks of this month I took off from work and will have more time do blog posts! 


  1. OK, I'll comment on this figure it out.

    Cool TBT. Love that pic of you in Korea. Pretty neat. I've heard of removing unit insignia for that reason. My uniforms (us civilians wore them occasionally) were sucky. Pretty much the bare cloth. Name, and USA Civilian over the pockets. Ugh

    I did one, too. (You didn't comment! HAHAHAHA)

    Peace <3