Sunday, November 30, 2014

Back to work come Monday

Back to work come Monday.
I can't believe that it's the end of November so soon. The only thing that went by more quickly was my vacation. For the past nine days I took off from work. But they gave us Thursday and Friday thrown in as holidays. And speaking of Thanksgiving my family and i are still eating up all the leftovers. Right down to turkey sandwiches and finally turkey soup, yummy. 
I'm still stuffed from Thursday, like my cat friend here!
I really didn't do anything or go anywhere, because like I said in last post. I had a small problem with the car's front wheels. And I was hoofing for about 2.5 days. After I got it out of the service center I had no cash to do much. Now it's almost Monday and the beginning of December. Monday sometimes are like the scene in this illustration above. Or I could be just a little overly dramatic.  


  1. I enjoy your posts; please keep regular in December as a christmas present to your readers. hohoho

  2. Thank you good Doctor I will endeavor to blog more. Randy.