Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekly Brain Puke

Goals For The Rest Of The Year!
Again I realized I haven't blog posted for over a month. And I want to fix that, So I endeavor to post once a week about different subjects. I'll most likely do it on Friday or Saturday. And maybe even more often. Last week I wanted to do one but got kind of busy. My town holds a 4-day festival called Columbus Day ending on the 3rd weekend in August. It's a lot of silly, fun contests with music bands playing Friday and Saturday. And lots of different food, the big thing being the BBQ stands, Mmmmmm! And on Sunday we have your typical small town parade. Which goes right past my house, many family members, and friends take a spot on my front lawn to watch. So yeah I was a little bit busy last weekend. Mowing my grass, cleaning weeds from the sidewalk and edging said walk.
Front walk before and after