Tuesday, February 11, 2014

OM Gosh everybody! Do you realize it's one month until the big blogger fest in Lewes,DE. That's 30 days or 720 hours until friends from all over, but mostly the east coast gather in the big little state of Delaware. Ron - Retired in Delaware says about 20 folks are going to show, and a few new ones. I was hopeing to meet everyone who showed up last year. Any ways I went and got my plane ticket online after I was sure I was going to get a tax refund. I booked my flights on Delta, they were the cheapest and flew the hours most convenent. I looked in to American and US Air. But with their merger I wasn't too sure I'd get there to VA or not. And at one point a coach seat was $2000.00 + 0_0 I haven't flown since 1996 so I hope it isn't as bad as riding the bus cross country. Can't be worse than travelling space A in the Air Force. To close this post out, I did see some tantalizing hotness at work tonight, I think it was a supervisor for the building clean up crew. Sorry no pictures.


  1. yep. we gonna shock ya, we gonna rock ya, we gonna let it all hang out!

  2. Randy,
    I do hope you were able to buy reasonably priced airline tickets for your trip. It's a shame the tickets are so expensive, especially the hassle one has to go through to fly these days. Looking forward to meeting you.

    1. Ron, My air fare wasn't too bad considering travelling during spring break time. Thirty years ago I bought an overseas ticket to fly back to US main-land cost me $750.00. And I too am counting down the days until our meet-up in Lewes,DE.

  3. Check your email. I sent you a message.

  4. Hello !
    I little bird (who lives in Delaware) tells me you are attending the coterie next week. I am looking forward to meeting you!