Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Earth Germs got Me

The Earth germs got me!
Just like the on NBC TV show that was on in the 80s. The character Alf catches a cold from the human family he is living with. Only Alf doesn't get better. He says the Earth germs got me. Just like I saw on the movie The War of the Worlds. I've had to deal with an invasion of the Earth germs. Ten days ago it started out as a Strep  throat and now is a sinus infection. So Tuesday I went to the doctor and received a prescription for ten days worth of antibiotics. And all the side effects that goes with taking them.   Through all of this I'm still working 50 hours plus overtime at work. Which leave little or no time to have any kind of social life. Maybe I'll meet a partner some day. They'll have to be a night owl just like me. Now I'm of to buy groceries, wish me luck in meeting some good looking hottie. ;-)