Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hello There!

Hello bug says Hi!
Sorry guys and gals, I didn't realize it had been since Nov. 2015 that I entered a blog post. And I don't know if anyone is still following anything I have to say! I guess at first this past Fall I got really busy at work. Then more time went by and I thought I'll get around to a post sometime later. Then the holidays came and went, and it got easier to put it off. I'm the oldest in my family and everything that needs to be done falls on my shoulders. This past Fall and Winter I was sort of bummed out that I still don't have a special some to share my life with. Oh I have a lot of friends, just not a pal to be close with. But I'm working on it! And I might have a few prospects that I'm working on. ;-)     
When it gets as bad as this cartoon I let you know! The good news is it's starting to warm up here in the Great Midwest. I can put myself out there by getting on my bike, put on my spandex bike kit and all. Or go for a 3 to 5 mile walk-a bout town wearing my cut-offs.

Just going out for a three mile walk.