Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blogger Haul

Well earlier this week I received a care package from Jay in VA. Well not really a care package just a box of all the stuff I could not fit in my luggage. The USPS must be really slow, because Jay said he mailed it on 3-26 and I got tue or wed. this past week. Everthing made it OK. The Inn @ Canal SQ. robe I purchased upon checking out my bottle of yummy real maple syrup that Ron's friend Pat brought down from Canada for all us bloggers, THANK YOU Pat! A small jar of Slugmama's homemade relish, again yummy! My beer glass from Burley Oak in Berlin,MD And let's not forget my brite red Cha Cha heels. I would have tried them for the photo but my feet are too big or the shoes are too small. I'm afraid I don't do heels anyway. Heres the picture of me with all my goodies.