Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pet Peeves Brain Puke

                                                                                                                                                 It doesn't seem like it but the last time I posted was back on May 1. It's not that I didn't want to, I have a serious personality flaw. Life, work, family, local problems overload my mind. So when I get home I just want to chill and veg. Other times I feel the muse is not upon me. But lucky for me I work the overnight shift at work and haven't followed the news or prime time TV for 20+ years. Now for my pet peeves, earlier this year when I was scoping a guy out to try and see it I could be more than just friends. Maybe something more B-BF/partner??? He now has himself a GF and we haven't crossed paths once. For once I glad I didn't seriously through myself out there. Could get kind of messy being in a small town, were him and I know the same people. I have two others guys I'd like to know better but hesitate from doing so. One right now is just an acquaintance, I'll call him Roy K. I see him around town from time to time. He always has a smile for me when we pass on the street. I'm just not sure about him, but he looks nice in sleeveless T-shirt and tight blue jeans! The other guy I've had a thing for about 20 years, his name is Dave W. We work for the same company I do, just in a different department. I see him almost every day and only in the last 5 years have gotten to be closer friends with him. I'd like to let him know how I feel about him, but if it went bad it would be very uncomfortable at work indeed. Good news is he is retiring at the end of this year and moving away, or is that bad news. If he wants to be more than just good friends, he'll be 500 miles away, he's retiring down south. :-(              

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hello There!

Hello bug says Hi!
Sorry guys and gals, I didn't realize it had been since Nov. 2015 that I entered a blog post. And I don't know if anyone is still following anything I have to say! I guess at first this past Fall I got really busy at work. Then more time went by and I thought I'll get around to a post sometime later. Then the holidays came and went, and it got easier to put it off. I'm the oldest in my family and everything that needs to be done falls on my shoulders. This past Fall and Winter I was sort of bummed out that I still don't have a special some to share my life with. Oh I have a lot of friends, just not a pal to be close with. But I'm working on it! And I might have a few prospects that I'm working on. ;-)     
When it gets as bad as this cartoon I let you know! The good news is it's starting to warm up here in the Great Midwest. I can put myself out there by getting on my bike, put on my spandex bike kit and all. Or go for a 3 to 5 mile walk-a bout town wearing my cut-offs.

Just going out for a three mile walk.

Monday, November 2, 2015

A little Depressing

My miss Fortune Cookie
No not really depressed, just a little bummed out about a few things. One of the other things to add to the list is, this is the second attempt to do a blog post. The first one the blog page went full derp on me. And when I tried to correct it, three para-     graphs disappeared along with 2 photos. Anyway on to my original post. It now gets dark at 5 o'clock, besides working 48 to 50 hours a week for the past two months. I guess I didn't have a post at all for October, when I get off work all I really want to do is veg out. It doesn't let me get out and meet someone new. I've been working on trying to establish new friendships. But nothing in the way of relationship material. One guy I can definitely cross off the the list. Is someone I met through a volunteer group  some 20 years ago. I thought maybe he was putting a vibe. I wasn't going to ask and go further if I wasn't sure. Could make for an uncomfortable scene if I was wrong. And again I could have sworn he was checking me out. Good thing I didn't go further turns he is seeing someone.
                                  Never Turns Out Well                             Its just as well, we don't travel in the same circles and only run into him at the gas station or grocery store. This is a photo of the guy, Tom is his name.
Add caption

Tom G
I would still like to be friends can't have too many. Just not sure how he would feel about it. Just as well like I said we don't cross path all that often.                                                           I need to tell all (well maybe not all) about my trip to Spo-ville aka Arizona this past Spring. I had a jolly good time visiting Spo and Someone in Phoenix. And I used the trip to visit other relatives in LA, and do a little sight seeing in Palm Springs,CA. I guess if you wish to be trendy one could say "The Springs" as it were. Also spent the first few days in June down in Tucson. Had more relatives and friends that lived there too. I took about 175 pictures so no shortage of photos to post. lol. I just hope I wasn't too much of a trying house guest. I would love to be a host for guests. But I really do not have the proper facilities at my house, ie guest bedroom with it's own bath-     room. And besides lets face it no one wants to stop for any reason in Nebraska!
Just A Shameless Plug For My State.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Good-Bye Jay In VA

Silent Key
I believe that we don't meet anybody by accident. And everyone crosses our path of a reason. I met Jay online through Ron's blog retired in Delaware. After reading Jay in VA for awhile, blog post subjects would be about Amateur (HAM) radio. And I ask him if he was a ham, he said that he was. That got me corresponding more with Jay because I'm a ham as well. Before I go any further I should explain. In ham radio circles a silent key is any ham radio operator who has past on. Whether said person know Morse code or not. It's a carry over from amateur radio from 100 years ago, I hope that clears that up.                                             Early last year Ron organizing Bloggerpalooza 2, I was going to go. Jay ask me if I wanted to tag a long. Save me the trouble of renting a car and driving unfamiliar streets and highways. I told him I've driven the big city before, I've been to Chicago, LA and Toronto. But hey then I wouldn't have a engaging tour guide. I received the royal treatment as soon as I got off  the plane at Richmond. Saw some sights and met another blogger, Kelly at the Continental for an early supper and a few adult beverages. The next day Thursday (3-13-14) We drove to Lewes, DE, and on the way up stopped a place he wanted to try out. The Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin, MD.  Jay wanted to get a photo of himself from out front so he gave me his camera and I took this picture.
Jay in VA in front of Burley Oak Brewery Berlin,MD March 13 2014
I think we all had a grand time in Delaware, and I told everyone that I've never been to Delaware before. But all too soon we all had to part ways. Jay had to be back at work Monday. We got back to Richmond after dark the Sunday. Jay asked if I wanted to try Legends Brew Pub. If I remember it's in Shockoe area of town.
Good food and good friends out of a bite and adult drinks
I could not believe how quickly that week went by, I just got there and already time to head back to Nebraska. But Monday morning an ice storm had moved into the area. The roads were becoming difficult to drive to say the least. Jay still had to head to work though be it 2 hours later. I had planned to spend a night in a motel near the airport and fly out Tuesday. I got a cheaper flight that way. Even with a extra night's stay in Richmond. And it was just as well because of the storm Monday most flights out of Richmond were cancelled. Even on Tuesday I was delayed getting out and back home to Omaha.   
You don't know what fun is until you have to clean the ice off windows of your car!
This was the last picture I took of our friend Jay. After we got going Jay and I were headed to prospective destinations. He was going to drop me off at the airport Marriott then Jay was going to work which as luck would have it was less than a mile from the airport. Jay let me out at the front doors of my hotel. Before we parted ways he gave me a big ol' man hug! Today was the celebration and memorial of our friend Jay or some knew him as Trey's life. It saddens me that I couldn't make it. He had a lot of ham buddies there I'm sure, when we get together stories of past QSO's ( ham radio  Q-code, communications via radio or in person) start flying. Our friend Jay aka N4PAT will be very much missed. ;-( 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Stirring Back To Life

                                Gene Leahy Mall, Omaha,NE                            I guess I've been out of the online loop as it were for a while. I guess I've got too many distractions, again life, work and family have taken up much of my time. And that leaves little of my time for online pursuits. Just one more thing to divide up my time is Facebook. I found it great to keep in touch with family and friends. But I don't want to share all my demons on Facebook. I'm more free to do so here on blogger because a tighter circle of followers. So just wanted to say Randy in NEB is still around, just basically lazy to post. One of my personal flaws that I have. I have read all the comments on my blog. And want to take the time to thank everyone who was nice enough to bother to leave a comment for me to read. Now I just need to be more proactive in blogging and visit my other blogger buddies, I love you all a lot.                           Saturday August 22 I'm leaving for the big city of Omaha,NE. I'm giving younger brother a ride to Omaha/Eppley airport. Daryl is flying to LAX to visit the same Aunt and cousins I did when I was in Arizona last late May/early June. And that's one other thing I haven't gotten around to, blogging about my trip to Phoenix and Casa de Harper. Again Spo and Someone are the perfect hosts! Anyway, when I go to Omaha Tomorrow I should bring my camera and take some pictures. There is lots to see there, or since I'll be close to the Old Market go to a couple of  gay bars, who knows. ;-)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bored in Nebraska and trips taken in the past

Greetings, Yes, Randy is around and kicking.
  Just in case anybody was wondering I am still alive. Just not around the bloggosphere. Pretty much from my return from the valley of the sun (Arizona). I've been in a blue funk of sorts and out of sorts. I seems like yesterday I was visiting UrSpo and Someone with their pretty pup Harper. And now back in reality of the old routine. Also after the July 4 holiday weekend and having to return to work, things have been going down hill from there. All the rest of the month of July, I wake up with a different ache or pain. And with the start of this first week of August I've gotten very much worse. I can live in silence or make an appointment with the doctor. I need to go and see him anyway. Some physical needed for       our insurance at work type of thing. Making sure we're taking care of ourselves, aren't they nice to be thinking about us like that!                               Nothing new on the finding a partner department, still looking but not finding anyone. Maybe I just need to put myself out there more than I am. Small town life some people are not too happy about guys like me, gee I wonder why?   Something else is a milestone this week. Thirty years ago today is the day I got on a military charter aircraft to take me overseas to Osan AB ROK! ROK means the country of South Korea, just in case you didn't know. I remembered getting on a plane at the MAC terminal in Oakland,CA. And I left the states for one year. As I recall take off was about 1:00am PDT. Well I got to see Anchorage,AK though be it for 45 minutes. And I even had a stop in Yakota, Japan of an hour. Just long enough to grab some lunch. If I recall it was an AAFES burger and fries. Typical military snack bar fare. But my final destination was for air base in South Korea. Then later headed to my assignment with an Air Force unit (detachment) way up north but south of the famous north/south DMZ.
Osan AB,ROK from the air. With two F16s and two A10s 
Now that I've made a post this month. I endeavor to post more than once a month! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nice Long Weekend!

I really didn't do much drinking and blowing stuff up like a lot of people might have done this Forth of July weekend, I just had a nice quite 4 days off. Summer here in Nebraska is in full swing, just not as hot as in years past. But anyway I'm over buying fireworks and shooting them off. I prefer to let someone else spend money on things like that. One of the guys in our ham radio club, at our twice monthly breakfasts said he and his Dad shelled over $1500.00 for the bang boom pow. So there was no shortage of free shows to watch. Anyway some of my time off from work I enjoyed the nice weather outside. Like tonight I decided to go for an evening bike ride. Stop and visit with some friends. I got back a little while ago, I must say I worked up quite a sweat, it's not real hot night but very muggy. I took a post ride photo when I got in the house.
                     Not exactly proper bike clothes                           It was a spur of the moment bike ride, just to go out a mile or two. And ended up being about 8 miles.                                                                                     Now I think after the last 4 days off I might be ready to go back to work! I'me still looking for my ideal job, but haven't found it yet.