Friday, August 21, 2015

Stirring Back To Life

                                Gene Leahy Mall, Omaha,NE                            I guess I've been out of the online loop as it were for a while. I guess I've got too many distractions, again life, work and family have taken up much of my time. And that leaves little of my time for online pursuits. Just one more thing to divide up my time is Facebook. I found it great to keep in touch with family and friends. But I don't want to share all my demons on Facebook. I'm more free to do so here on blogger because a tighter circle of followers. So just wanted to say Randy in NEB is still around, just basically lazy to post. One of my personal flaws that I have. I have read all the comments on my blog. And want to take the time to thank everyone who was nice enough to bother to leave a comment for me to read. Now I just need to be more proactive in blogging and visit my other blogger buddies, I love you all a lot.                           Saturday August 22 I'm leaving for the big city of Omaha,NE. I'm giving younger brother a ride to Omaha/Eppley airport. Daryl is flying to LAX to visit the same Aunt and cousins I did when I was in Arizona last late May/early June. And that's one other thing I haven't gotten around to, blogging about my trip to Phoenix and Casa de Harper. Again Spo and Someone are the perfect hosts! Anyway, when I go to Omaha Tomorrow I should bring my camera and take some pictures. There is lots to see there, or since I'll be close to the Old Market go to a couple of  gay bars, who knows. ;-)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bored in Nebraska and trips taken in the past

Greetings, Yes, Randy is around and kicking.
  Just in case anybody was wondering I am still alive. Just not around the bloggosphere. Pretty much from my return from the valley of the sun (Arizona). I've been in a blue funk of sorts and out of sorts. I seems like yesterday I was visiting UrSpo and Someone with their pretty pup Harper. And now back in reality of the old routine. Also after the July 4 holiday weekend and having to return to work, things have been going down hill from there. All the rest of the month of July, I wake up with a different ache or pain. And with the start of this first week of August I've gotten very much worse. I can live in silence or make an appointment with the doctor. I need to go and see him anyway. Some physical needed for       our insurance at work type of thing. Making sure we're taking care of ourselves, aren't they nice to be thinking about us like that!                               Nothing new on the finding a partner department, still looking but not finding anyone. Maybe I just need to put myself out there more than I am. Small town life some people are not too happy about guys like me, gee I wonder why?   Something else is a milestone this week. Thirty years ago today is the day I got on a military charter aircraft to take me overseas to Osan AB ROK! ROK means the country of South Korea, just in case you didn't know. I remembered getting on a plane at the MAC terminal in Oakland,CA. And I left the states for one year. As I recall take off was about 1:00am PDT. Well I got to see Anchorage,AK though be it for 45 minutes. And I even had a stop in Yakota, Japan of an hour. Just long enough to grab some lunch. If I recall it was an AAFES burger and fries. Typical military snack bar fare. But my final destination was for air base in South Korea. Then later headed to my assignment with an Air Force unit (detachment) way up north but south of the famous north/south DMZ.
Osan AB,ROK from the air. With two F16s and two A10s 
Now that I've made a post this month. I endeavor to post more than once a month!