Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Sky

Mid October Nebraska Sky
I can not believe it's mid October already! But I have to say it's an improvement thou be it small one from the past summer. When I was in a bit of a blue funk, a black dog as my blogger buddy Ron T. calls it. I've been working more sane hours at work. No more 50 hours plus, at least for now. The first 2 weekends I've been going to auctions and getting quite a few goodies, at least I think so. About 15 years ago I got into collecting postwar II  TV sets, it started with one and now I have seven more. 
Just some my haul from an auction
I do have a habit of bring home what some people would call junk. I prefer to think of as Junque.The weather these past few weeks has been perfect as anyone would want. Dry and pleasant and temps in the mid 60s. I took a photo up into the trees outside my front door Saturday. The sky was mostly clear and the leaves are already falling. 

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