Monday, November 2, 2015

A little Depressing

My miss Fortune Cookie
No not really depressed, just a little bummed out about a few things. One of the other things to add to the list is, this is the second attempt to do a blog post. The first one the blog page went full derp on me. And when I tried to correct it, three para-     graphs disappeared along with 2 photos. Anyway on to my original post. It now gets dark at 5 o'clock, besides working 48 to 50 hours a week for the past two months. I guess I didn't have a post at all for October, when I get off work all I really want to do is veg out. It doesn't let me get out and meet someone new. I've been working on trying to establish new friendships. But nothing in the way of relationship material. One guy I can definitely cross off the the list. Is someone I met through a volunteer group  some 20 years ago. I thought maybe he was putting a vibe. I wasn't going to ask and go further if I wasn't sure. Could make for an uncomfortable scene if I was wrong. And again I could have sworn he was checking me out. Good thing I didn't go further turns he is seeing someone.
                                  Never Turns Out Well                             Its just as well, we don't travel in the same circles and only run into him at the gas station or grocery store. This is a photo of the guy, Tom is his name.
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Tom G
I would still like to be friends can't have too many. Just not sure how he would feel about it. Just as well like I said we don't cross path all that often.                                                           I need to tell all (well maybe not all) about my trip to Spo-ville aka Arizona this past Spring. I had a jolly good time visiting Spo and Someone in Phoenix. And I used the trip to visit other relatives in LA, and do a little sight seeing in Palm Springs,CA. I guess if you wish to be trendy one could say "The Springs" as it were. Also spent the first few days in June down in Tucson. Had more relatives and friends that lived there too. I took about 175 pictures so no shortage of photos to post. lol. I just hope I wasn't too much of a trying house guest. I would love to be a host for guests. But I really do not have the proper facilities at my house, ie guest bedroom with it's own bath-     room. And besides lets face it no one wants to stop for any reason in Nebraska!
Just A Shameless Plug For My State.