Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Night Dance Party

Saturday night dance party! OK I'm doing my own Randy in NEB. Saturday night dance party. If it looks like a cheap and shameless rip-off of blogger buddy Anne Marie's, it's because it is. I've been going threw old cassette tapes in boxes. And found some music I've forgotten about for nearly 25 years. So I looked online and found this song, it's a Canadian group recorded in 1991 Candi and the Backbeat. Instantly loved the song, oh and the key board player is very hot too. ;) So apologizes to Anne Marie for the shameless rip-off of your idea. How I'm feeling tonight. Sing like no one's listening. Dance like on one's watching. And shake your groove thang!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Leavin' On Airplane

Hey everybody just a quick post today. In honor of my friend Ron of Retired In Delaware and his friend Pat. I have one of many videos for or relating to vacations or travel for fun. This song I was playing when flying to Delmarva last March. Traveling is fun, nice to get away. But it's sometime nicer so much nicer to come home as well.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday 01/01/15 !

Just Me trying to be Ur Spo's Friend Fearsome Beard.
I had this photo in one of my other cameras all the way from January of '08, before blogging. I thought it might give a few of you a laugh or chuckle. From time to time over the Nebraska winters I'd grow my beard out. Starting after Labour Day (spelling there just for Ron's friend Pat). And would do a clear cut, mustache as well after Easter. My beard is quite red, or ash as my Grandmother called it. And I didn't even know it grew out red, that is until I had a PCS move to a new duty station when I was still in the Air Force. I was on leave (vacation) for 21 days so I decided not to shave that entire time. I never knew I had a red now grayish beard. Over the Christmas holidays I found an other theme cartoon for Dr. Spo. He sure seems to be a jolly good sport. It gave me small chuckle and even printed a few out to put on friends Christmas gifts. Friends or want to be friends mentioned in my older post
For My Dear Friend Dr. Spo.