Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nice Long Weekend!

I really didn't do much drinking and blowing stuff up like a lot of people might have done this Forth of July weekend, I just had a nice quite 4 days off. Summer here in Nebraska is in full swing, just not as hot as in years past. But anyway I'm over buying fireworks and shooting them off. I prefer to let someone else spend money on things like that. One of the guys in our ham radio club, at our twice monthly breakfasts said he and his Dad shelled over $1500.00 for the bang boom pow. So there was no shortage of free shows to watch. Anyway some of my time off from work I enjoyed the nice weather outside. Like tonight I decided to go for an evening bike ride. Stop and visit with some friends. I got back a little while ago, I must say I worked up quite a sweat, it's not real hot night but very muggy. I took a post ride photo when I got in the house.
                     Not exactly proper bike clothes                           It was a spur of the moment bike ride, just to go out a mile or two. And ended up being about 8 miles.                                                                                     Now I think after the last 4 days off I might be ready to go back to work! I'me still looking for my ideal job, but haven't found it yet.
              Now if we could all have it this good.         


  1. I didn't drink OR shoot off gunpowder; ain't got time for that.

    WOOF! looking sexay there, dear!