Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm still here!

Just wanted to stop in and make a quick blog post. With family and job, I'm finding it very difficult to find anytime to get any blogging done at the moment. I still haven't told about my trip to the art gallery of a friend of a friend of mine, their both very talented and nice people. And last week I tried my hand at making Hawaiian Malasadas. Don't worry Anne Marie I took pictures. They are very "ono" dee-lish, as Ron would say. As of today the Choonuk express made it's way to the central plains. Went from a high on Monday of 40F to a high of only 18F today. Brrrrrr!


  1. that blast is supposed to hit us by sunday; so NOT looking forward to it! :(

  2. Randy,

    Nee-braska! Cold, cold, cold. I get goose bumps just reading about Nebraska.