Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well the month we call November is just about over and I thought I'd better add an other post. My problem is I have a lot to say just not in text. I have some adventure to share so I'll save them for next week. I have all the week off of Thanksgiving! yaaaah. Here in the Midwest the weather can change almost over night to prove that I thought I'd show everyone pictures of my house. it's not nearly as bad as the picture show, let's just say that Wedensday it was 62F and Thursday it was 26F. Happy blogging, I've got more old 110 prints from 30 years ago to scan.


  1. my, THAT'S a quick change! looks like a lovely, cozy home you have there!

    1. Thanks Anne Marie, The turn in seasons weren't quite that quick it's a slight exaggeration. The top photo was taken July 2012 during our drought and the bottom one was take Dec. 2010. Looking forward to see you at Bloggerpalooza! Randy.

    2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww, thank you, honey! that's nice of you to say! according to ron, EVERYBODY loves me.

    3. Randy,
      The temps here took a major dip too. Down to 20 degrees this morning from 60's from last week. No snow, thank goodness.
      Hey Randy, up your font. The font is very, very tiny.

      Looking forward to seeing more old photos!