Sunday, February 12, 2017

First Blog Post of 2017

Yes, I'm still blogging Straight Outta NEB. 
Well, I'm still here in the Cornhusker State pluggin' away my job. I really wanted to do my first blog post sometime in the 1st week of January. The boss said after we came back from holiday break, we're working 5 days a week, 10 hours. And lots of over time Saturdays and Sundays, (10 more hours Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday). It made for a nice paycheck getting 65 hours plus. But not much time for anything else, like blogging. Plus it was easier to get on F/B to post something and check out what other people were doing and then log out. But then I don't get to spill more of my thoughts out as much as I'd would like on F/B as on blogger. There is more of a mixed group of friends there too. 
                      My Hope for the rest of 2017.                                                                                                            My hope for the rest of 2017 is to get a couple things off of my bucket list. Much later this Summer I was planning to go see my sister who moved to Brazil a few years ago. I hope it's all true and no reason why she should say otherwise. Sis said she's having a fabulous time down there. With a fabulous job great house and car. And a partner that is really great and loving. She said when she left she said come down and visit anytime.  Well, I put in for a US passport the last week of January. I'll need to secure a visa from the Brazillian consulate, purchase airline tickets. And as Jackie Gleeson used to say, "and away we go"!  And who knows maybe I'll meet some guy down there that's totally hot. 


  1. He lives!!!
    Nice to see you on here again.
    Get your hiney to Brazil and have a great time!

    1. Hi Sluggy, Thanks, yeah I've been around just keeping a low profile. Work has been crazy, a long with a boss to go with it. You never know know maybe I'll meet somebody down there. My sister did!

  2. You're still alive! Welcome back. Get out and go and do. No one on their death bed ever wished they had worked more hours and gone on fewer adventures.

    1. Hi David, Yeah I'm still alive. I was just sleeping. I know, most people don't wish they've worked more hours. It's a doing not of my choice. If it where up to me I'd work about 45-48 hours a week. If you get paid hourly having a little extra is nice, I'm saving up for one of those adventures.

  3. I too am glad to see you posting; good luck with the goals - and post soon.

  4. Thank you Emily, I will surely do that. I've been very busy, but will check it out soon.

  5. 1st-time visitor, Hello! Compliments on a healthy-minded (I know it's not easy) blog about life. Lot of us older guys benefit from that. Following on GFC.

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